My Spotify Top 5 for Mar 6

Posted on March 6, 2020 with 350 words.

The Top 5 for this week is very interesting. I’ve seen a few artists released their new albums and EP for the world to hear. Mandy Moore, after how many years, released a new album called Silver Landings; Thai Hip Hop artist Daboyway has also released a new album called Daboyway, and Cebu electronic pop duo Route 83 has also released their new EP called it’s getting dark.

Aside from the albums released, another thing that also made the week interesting are the remixes. In the world of EDM, remixing a song means adding your own flavor; twisting the song without compromising its essence.

Anyway, without further a do, below is the Top 5 for this week.

#5 - Yellin’ Speech - Cerveza Negra

It’s not everyday that I feature Filipino rap music but when I do, I really make sure that it’s worth the spot. This is a chill music, great if you’re drinking with your friends while reminiscing the good times.

#4 - BROCKHAMPTON - SUGAR (Remix) [feat. Dua Lipa]

This the first time I’ve listened to this artist and I must say, this didn’t disappoint. Feels music (check), friends gathered (check), drinks (check), let’s begin!

#3 - Static & Ben El - Further Up (Na, Na, Na, Na, Na) (IAmChino Remix) [feat. Pitbull]

I couldn’t stop listening to this song. The drop is so addicting, you end up doing a belly dance instead.

#2 - Bazzi - Young & Alive

The moment I’ve heard the song, I’ve already set my expectations that this will trend in TikTok. To those who didn’t know, I’ve started using TikTok due to a recommendation that it’s video editor is great for Instagram Stories. A superb song from Bazzi, chill as always.

#1 - K-391 & Alan Walker - End of Time (feat. Ahrix)

The moment I listened to this song, I knew this will trend. The drop is so catchy that you’ll want to use this as a soundtrack for the fastest workers. Alan Walker, you’re a genius.

That’s it for this week’s Top 5. See you all again next week!

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