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  • Switched Debian to Manjaro

    Category: Linux 3 minutes read time

    I finally baited and made the switch from AntiX to Manjaro. AntiX is great. It’s fast and it really works in older computers but I feel there is something missing and that something is from my usual workflow or probably I felt that I’ve outgrown AntiX and wanted something more. Maybe along those lines. Don’t get me wrong. AntiX is a wonderful distro. You can give an old laptop or PC another chance by using this operating system.

  • Moving to Linux

    Category: Web Development 2 minutes read time

    Two weeks ago, Tailwind CSS reached version 2. There were a lot of features under the hood and one of them is Dark Mode. I haven’t tested the feature yet but I’m going to in the future as a lot of people have enabled Dark mode in either their operating system or their browser. Renovate bot created a PR to upgrade my Tailwind CSS dependency to v2. I was excited to upgrade only to find out that they have dropped support to Node v10.

  • Migrated to Yarn v2

    Category: Web Development 4 minutes read time

    If I remembered correctly, the first attempt I did with Yarn migration was in July of this year. Yarn v2 was still in beta at that time and boy, it was a whole new world: Everything broke! I am very meticulous when it comes to updates and I make sure that I update to the latest available version because there might be critical bug fixes and/or performance improvements. But the downside is, it’s not nice to have the latest version when it breaks stuff, just like when I first fiddled with Yarn v2.

  • Applying to be a Happiness Engineer

    Category: WordPress 4 minutes read time

    I am a huge WordPress fan. I’ve used it since 2008, and it’s still my go-to Content Management System despite its quirks. I really want to integrate it to my site, but it needs a proper web server and a database to function. Prior to focusing on my website to create content, I used different free hosting services to have a WordPress website. Everything was running smoothly except having a secured website, which is a paid service.

  • Spotify Time Capsule

    Category: Music 1 minute read time

    Spotify recently created a new playlist just for you: The Time Capsule. I discovered this last night on the homepage of the Spotify app while looking for playlists to listen to. It’s aim is to bring you back memory lane on the songs you loved the most. My guess is that the curated music is based on the songs you’ve liked, you’ve saved on your playlists, or just based on the songs you’ve listened to.

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