Applying to be a Happiness Engineer

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I am a huge WordPress fan. I’ve used it since 2008. It is still my go-to Content Management System despite its quirks. I really want to integrate it to my site but it needs a proper web server and a database to function. Early this year, before I focused on my website to create content, I used different free hosting services just to have a WordPress website. Everything was running smoothly to the most of them except in having a secured website which is a paid service. I also encountered some issues when upgrading some plugins because not all providers use the latest PHP version.

After a few months, I called it quits in using WordPress and focused on the JAMStack route for my website. I’m no pro web developer but I learn new things everytime I implement a new feature of the website.

How did I know about the Happiness Engineer

At the end of January 2020, I quit my job in Cebu and moved back to my hometown to be with my mom. She’s already getting old and it would be an issue if she’s left alone in the house. I really don’t have a choice since I’m an only child. I started using WordPress again at February 2020. Around that same month, I was just browsing Automattic when I saw this position in their “Work With Us.” At that time, there was no vacant position available and it told me to bookmark the page in case there will be an opening in the future.

Sure enough, it did.

About two days ago, I visited the site again and there was indeed an opening. The next day, I submitted my application.

What is a Happiness Engineer

As Automattic described it:

As a Happiness Engineer, you love helping people.

Transforming publishing on the web is no small task. Our goal is to build relationships based on trust which result in happy, passionate, loyal customers and colleagues. We do this through listening to their needs and guiding them to the fullest use of the products we offer. We are looking for people with the right mix of compassion, writing skills, and technical knowledge to get the job done.

As a Happiness Engineer, your job is to: make people happy. Think of it as a Technical Support Representative in a call center scenario. We all know that most of the websites today are powered by WordPress and some people will be confused of its quirks. It’s your job to resolve, troubleshoot, their problem. It is also your job to provide detailed bug reports so that it will be resolved accordingly.

Aside from making people happy, you also build a community of support by sharing knowledge and helping the team members around the world.


From Automattic:

Being a Happiness Engineer requires:

  • Proficiency with WordPress, HTML, and CSS, along with a strong support philosophy.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills, with a knack for taking technical language and making it understandable.
  • A passion for solving tough problems and proposing elegant solutions.
  • An ability to learn and adapt so that you can help teach others.
  • Patience, grace, and a sense of humor.

They also require their employees to have:

  • Great communication skills.
  • Self-driven work ethic.
  • Curiosity and the desire to learn.

The Application

As I said earlier, I submitted my application on Sept. 19, 2020 (PHT). They required me to submit a cover letter and a CV. They also gave a scenario for you to answer in case you want to increase your chances of being hired.

Application Feedback

I received a feedback to Sept. 30th and unfortunately I didn’t make it in the application process. They had a very competitive talent pool and they decided to move forward with the other candidates. I guess the job isn’t for me or probably wasn’t in-line with my previous experiences. It’s not the end of the world or anything. I’ll try again someday once the position is opened again and give it a shot.

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