My Spotify Top 5 for Mar 13

Posted on March 13, 2020 with 480 words.

My apologies for not pushing content on a regular basis. I’ve been going around the metro looking for work. I didn’t have the chance to find a really good topic to write on.

Aside from looking for work, the major issue right now is the COVID-19, the coronavirus the originated from Wuhan, China. The Philippines has 140 confirmed cases with 2 deaths. 2 patients have recovered so far and I’m already thinking the worst is yet to come. Major cities in the country have imposed a community quarantine and some of the cities have their own curfew.

I’m not gonna talk further about the coronavirus because it’s better to reference news and other reputable agencies for more information and what you can do to avoid contacting the said virus. We’ll go on with my Top 5 for the week.

Funny thing: I woke on March 13 not thinking that it’s Friday. I really thought that March 13 was a Thursday until I found out using my mobile phone that it was already Friday. Aside from not thinking that it was Friday, I also didn’t know that it was Friday the 13th. Weird day.

Calvin Harris, Chuckie, and OneRepublic released their new songs. I don’t know when was the last time I’ve listened to Chuckie but interesting enough, his new song is a deviation to his usual Dutch style.

#5 Love Generator & Calvin Harris - Give Me Strength

This song is like a throwback to the old disco music of the 80s-90s. Acid House, anyone?

#4 - BROHUG - Detox

It’s no surprise that my number 5 and 4 are electronic music. Both are good, actually. While most music producers experiment on other music genre after 3 or 4 releases, Brohug still incorporated their distinct style of heavy, thumping bass on every music that they release. This music will make your head or your body bounce.. Trust me.


This song reminds me of the good ol’ 90s. It’s nostalgia to my childhood whenever I listed to this type of music.

#2 - Nico Santos & Topic - Like I Love You

At first, I thought Nico Santos is Filipino but he’s not. According to his wiki, he’s a German singer-songwriter and he’s born in Spain. The more you know. Don’t blame me, his name really sounded Filipino that’s why I assumed.

#1 - OneRepublic - Didn’t I

I mean bro, this is OneRepublic we’re talking about. No need further explanation here.

Runner Up: Chuckie - Out of My Head (feat. NATO!)

This great that Chuckie released a song that is not from his usual style. For me, part of growing up as a music producer is deviating from your comfort zone and taking the risk.

Runner Up: Tyga & Megan Thee Stallion - FREAK

A new song from Tyga? Count me in. Twerkin’ all day.

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