My Spotify Top 5 for Feb 28

Posted on February 28, 2020 with 490 words.

I’ve started this series from my previous blog and I’m planning to continue it here. So, what this series is all about? Spotify releases songs every Friday and I just felt the need to recommend song to those who need it. It used to be called My Spotify Top 5 but due to limitations of my blog software, I’m only able to embed links from YouTube.

Listening to music is another way to release some stress, to concentrate on the things you’re working on, to socialize, and so on. Just imagine life without music.

When I was still working in Cebu, I supply songs to my friends and office mates. I also post them on my Instagram Story.

There are a lot of songs released every week and select them is tough. Please keep in mind that these are my recommendation and ranking. There are factors that I consider which will affect during my selection process.

The Top 5 songs for Feb 28:

#5 Jayvee - Miss Kathryn

This is the second Kathryn Bernardo-inspired song. The first one was from Mayonnaise, a Filipino band. For those who don’t know who Kathryn Bernardo is, she is a Filipina actress, mode, and the girlfriend of Daniel Padilla, Robin Padilla’s nephew.

This is not the only celebrity-inspired song. There are a lot of them in Spotify and it looks like a trend among composers:


It’s rare for me to recommend a Korean song but this is something else. It has hip-hop elements to it and it’s also groovy. Hip-Groove?

#3 Marshmello X SVDDEN DEATH - Crusade

At first, I refused to believe this is from Marshmello but I’m glad that producers are exploring other genres to broaden their musical styles. This is not the first collaboration of Marshmello and SVDDEN DEATH though. They had a previous song called Sell Out:

The genre is the same but Crusade is more intense.

#2 Zo zo & Kyle Zagado - This february 14

I know Feb 14 has already elapsed but this is a great song. This has that Filipino hip-hop vibe and it’s about a guy doing everything for the girl and making her happy on Valentine’s Day.

#1 Martin Garrix - Drown (feat. Clinton Kane)

I’m supposed to put this song in #2 because I thought I will be hearing another track that will stand out but I’ve eventually decided that this will be the #1. What I liked about the song is the drop: groovy yet pleasant to the ears.

I’ll see you on the next Top 5!

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