New website look

Posted on September 9, 2020 with 156 words.

After two months, I’ve finally released a new look for my website. This was the outcome of the conversation I had with a friend. I really wanted a minimalist look for my website because the previous version was too chaotic.

Fairly new to Tailwind CSS, I experimented with different fonts. It was done too much that I end up having a chaotic website. A few weeks ago, while reading some upcoming changes, I discovered that they were offering a typography plugin where it would take care of the customization on the things you can’t control, say {{ .Content }} in Hugo.

Right now, I only maintained about 2-3 fonts via TypeKit. I really like the premise of TypeKit where it only uses one css file for all the fonts you want to use on your website, unlike Google Fonts where you have to import each font individually.

Overall, I’m happy with the outcome of the website.

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