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Posted on September 19, 2020 with 318 words.

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I spent the last two or three days integrating Netlify CMS for my website. The goal was to have a remote way of writing my blogs. I’ve been blank these past few months and it would be a great way to update my blog while I’m on the road.

My website didn’t see an update for two months because I was busy with another project: Cryptocurrency. I was looking for a way to have a passive income without shelling out money from my pocket and cryptocurrency fits this idea. You can get coins for free via faucets or if you know where to look for free coins. You can also answer surveys online but this would fall into active income because you are actively answering questions.

Anyway, I was giddy to integrate it in my website and spent about two days coding the necessary fields for the editor. I also integrated all the shortcodes used in the site. Eveything was running smoothly in the development environment and pushed all the changes in production. It started to go downhill when I tried authorizing using the admin interface of my website. I used the fix to let Netlify Identity manage the users but it wasn’t working as planned so I dropped the feature 5 hours after launching it.

Why bother.

I’m still thinking whether I would go back to using Forestry again. Like Netlify CMS, you can integrate Forestry to your site so that you can have your own admin panel. This is something some people were not aware when they were using Forestry. What I don’t like about Forestry is that it “over-commits” on your repository. Everything you do is being committed which could be a downside when using Netlify. Free plans in Netlify is restricted to 300 build minutes per month.

But let’s see. I might use it again since I don’t host my site in Netlify anymore.

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