Frozen hard drive

Published April 16, 2008

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Last night or shall I say yesterday, I ran into problems with my network. It seems that every time I connect Half-Life/Counter-Strike using GG Client, I can’t join the LAN games. I have no running server online. What I did is uninstall my Eset Smart Security and replaced it with Deep Freeze.

What is Deep Freeze?

My classmate Mark introduced this to me, I think midterms of 1st semester last year. What it does is to “freeze” your hard drive. Not literally freeze but what I mean about freezing is any alterations of the hard drive that uses Deep Freeze will be removed or disappear in the next restart of the computer. The company doesn’t want to reveal how did they do it but one thing is for sure, any alterations will be gone.

So, if you’re a computer enthusiast who wants fast boot speed and at the same time doesn’t want to worry about viruses then Deep Freeze is for you. Remember though, don’t save any documents or files inside the drive that is frozen or all your precious work will be gone.

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