Having fun with GG client

Published April 16, 2008

Originally published at: https://web.archive.org/web/20080422002531/http://www.jonathanvincent.info/having-fun-with-gg-client/

I’m having fun with GG Client right now. Since I’ve used Deep Freeze, I have no problems with my network anymore. I’ve got the type of CS 1.6 that I’ve been looking for. I’m on the server right now but I’m only watching the game. I can’t play because I’ve got things to do like blogging and posting in the forums.

As long as I’m connected with the server, I have no worries. I did try to play the ladder type of game where I go inside a dedicated server and play with international players. I’m totally busted on the game because they are tough. Lol. But really, they are tough. They have a strong internet connection though and I have the lamest internet connection ever. But anyway, at least I did experience the fun right?

You can add me on GG Client. My username is tanjayvee. And see you on the game.

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