Medic for a day

Published February 7, 2008

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I never fear blood. If I had a bruise, I won’t panic. When I see a dead person with blood all over the place, I don’t vomit. I mean, there’s nothing to fear of blood. Blood is part of your body, composed mainly of hemoglobins. Kinda sticky when dried maybe because it has proteins in it. I am the opposite of my mother. She’s scared of blood. Whenever she saw on TV, a man with blood, she looks away. I told her their’s nothing to be scared of blood. When I graduated high school, she told me to get a nursing course. I don’t want to because of the duty and the stress. I picked my course which is computer related.

I’m a medic for a day now because my grandmother suffered an accident. I told my mom that she will dress the wound since I don’t know how to dress a wound. Dress refers to changing of the bandage and applying betadine. Anyway, I was tasked to buy some bandage, plaster and alcohol as well as betadine. After arriving here, I told my grandmother that we will dress the wound. As I was opening the bandage, blood was sticking to the bandage causing me to remove it with difficulty. I used scissors to remove the bandage since I can’t force it. The wound may open accidentally although it was stitched, can’t risk it. I grabbed a cotton and applied betadine. That was my first time to dress a wound. My cousin was there to assist me.

At last, it was done. Not bad for a first timer though. I only have a few knowledge about applying bandage and other medical stuff since I joined scouting and out scout master taught us the know how about it.

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