Goodbye WordPress

Published June 25, 2010

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It’s sad to say goodbye to the software you really like. Well, it was, during my WordPress days. I came to like WordPress until Posterous came and changed my blogging habits. Obviously, Posterous and WordPress can publish blog posts via email but nothing beats Posterous. Posterous doesn’t have plugins which is something I like because it doesn’t consume much load on the server plus the added Facebook Like and Twitter’s Retweet button which gives flexibility in social interactions.

Posterous is a lightweight blogging program in which blogs can be posted via email and web. Posterous is not only limited to blogging but you can post your pictures, videos, documents, music, podcasts, or anything you want to share to everyone in cyberspace. Something WordPress lacked when publishing. You upload the files using the attachment button in your email or email client and Posterous will do the rest making sure it would be ready in a couple of minutes.

Some of my blogger friends has moved from WordPress to Posteorus. I deleted my WordPress blog a while ago and now, I’m keeping my Posterous blog, two blogs to be exact and maintain it via email posting.

It was a nice one year usage of WordPress but I am saying goodbye to WordPress and I’m keeping my Posterous all the way.

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