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Published March 29, 2010

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Ok, first and foremost, summer is going to end. Students are going back to their classrooms, enduring another 8 months of teachers giving lessons, assignments and projects for the students. Well, of course, I’m also going back to school. Enduring 3 months of 1 semester and another for the 2nd semester.

Why is it that going to school is important than staying at home? Can we like initiate home school wherein a teacher can go to the house of the student and teaches the student there? I could save the hassle of students getting accidents in the streets or, getting injured, or whatsoever.

Who am I kidding? I’m in the Philippines and it would be my sacrifice to go to school every day, wearing my uniform, with my backpack full of books and notebooks, and listen to the teacher in a hot, warm, or cold classroom environment. Yup, your typical student. Risking of getting run by a jeepney or taxi, or a truck.

Well, anyway, I hope some of the students here enjoyed their summer because I’m inching every square bit of it right now. I’m going to have a clear mind, a well relaxed body for the semester ahead.

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