Published December 15, 2009

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How much do you value privacy? I mean, hey, it’s the whole wide web, people don’t give a damn… So what?

Then again, should you be concerned with your privacy? Privacy is very important nowadays. People might stumble upon your page, tries to befriend you then gets your credentials, exposes your secrets, and you’re done. Done in a sense that your super-uber-uber-secret has been exposed to the whole wide world.

I would remember some time ago, someone told me that the Internet is a waste of time. If you would relate that statement today, a lot of people will be angry and will defend that the Internet is not a waste of time. There are a lot of possibilities with the Internet. You could reconnect with Your long lost friend or family member through Facebook, landing a job via freelance websites, or just plain blogging. You could also have fun through online games.

Above all that advancements, you should be concerned with your own privacy.

Privacy and being a snob are two different things. Privacy is about how you could protect your identity by showing what you want to the public. I am very concerned with my identity and it’s not nice to have your identity phished and used in a bad way.

Let’s take for example the “Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili” issue wherein Mr. Kho allegedly uploaded their video on the Internet and a lot of Filipinos saw that videos both online and offline. Mr. Kho said he did not upload those videos but Ms. Halili was furious that she brought it to the higher court.

What am I saying? We should be conscious of our identities online. If we make a wrong move, then a lot of consequences would arise. I’ve seen some of my friend’s photos scouring on the Internet and some of them landed on adult websites which made me concern how the hell did that photo appears in the wrong place.

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