New phone for Christmas

Published December 22, 2009

A mobile phone on the desk with "Hello" displayed

Photo by Tyler Lastovich, Pexels

I don’t know if this is my habit of having a new mobile phone every two years or maybe every Christmas but, at least, I have a brand new mobile phone.

And it would be the Nokia 5130 XpressMusic.

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic
Nokia 5130 XpressMusic (image from gsmarena)

I was aiming for a Samsung mobile phone since I would like to try another brand or so. My Motorola was sick this past 2 years. Keeps on restarting, keeps on being annoying, and furthermore, I don’t like how the phone is behaving. Believe me, Motorola W230 is not worth it.

Motorola W230
Motorola W230 (image from gsmarena)

Good thing my mom spotted the 5130 at SM. We were there looking for an iPod. I was thinking of having an iPod or a PSP. The PSP costs like 10K (might be saving for that soon). Then, I just decided to have a new mobile phone.

I was happy and thankful for my mom for giving me this XpressMusic. I plug in another headphone or better yet, listen using a Bluetooth headphone. I’m still experimenting with my phone. I might be updating the software when we will have an Internet connection in the apartment.

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