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Published April 5, 2009

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GMail is down. I repeat, GMail is down. I can’t access GMail right now. Is my Internet connection going nuts again? I hope not. It would be inconvenient, right?

Anyway, we will have our Humanities Student Executive Committee long term planning for the school year 2009-2010 this coming Tuesday at 1:30pm at the Humanities Division. It’s my first time to be an officer for the division and I would do my best to serve the division. I would do my best to balance my academics and my role as an officer. And lastly, I’m getting nervous and scared for no apparent reason.

Honestly, I was apathetic back then. An apathetic student who does not care anything except himself. I was lazy back then but by the time I shifted to another course, I was like renewed with my own principles in life. I was being drawn to be a better student and I learned the value of education. Though I am regretting why I shifted to another course but what can I do? I failed my major subject because of my negligence. My mistake, I suffer. End of the story.

Can’t wait for the HumSEC long term planning this coming Tuesday. All officers would be there. Another joy, another fun, another serious matters to discuss. I know there would be arguments, there would be feedback and there would be suggestion as well as comments. The feedback, suggestion and comment would never be separated unless improvement would be included with the three.

Anyway, I’m talking pointless matters here and so, that leaves me to one thing. GMail is down and I hate it. My Internet is crappy and I hate it. And… Never mind.

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