Monopoly: The board game

Published February 8, 2009

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I got addicted to Monopoly. You know, the board game. It all started when I searched the internet for a monopoly game because I remembered what my friends played last semester. At first, I didn’t know how to play monopoly.

Last night, I began to play at and to my surprise, I got addicted to the board game. I finished playing at 3 AM.

Monopoly is a board game published by Parker Brothers, a subsidiary of Hasbro. Players compete to acquire wealth through stylized economic activity involving the buying, renting, and trading of properties using play money, as players take turns moving around the board according to the roll of the dice.

The object of the game is to own every piece of property and drive the other players into bankruptcy. (Wikipedia)

Try it. It’s very addictive.

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