Major headache problems

Published February 14, 2009

Yesterday and Thursday has been the worst day of my life. I suffered from a major headache. By which in my own estimation, linked to be migraine. I’m very prone to headache by which my mom has been suffering before I even been born.

Too much stress can lead to my headache. Stress which includes not enough sleep, overfatigue, too much homework, too many thoughts, and etc. I’ve been suffering since I was in high school. I’m deemed paralyzed when I suffer from headache and that’s not cool.

Ok, let’s start with Thursday. It so happened when I was going home. When I reached home, I didn’t bother to say it because I’m so used on suffering from headache. But the wrong move is, I slept late. 12am because I was studying.

Friday, when I woke up, I asked my mom for a medicine. I didn’t bath because my mom told me. I was still healing from my headache. Afternoon, my headache struck me while I was playing BF2 (BattleField 2) on Ray-Ray’s laptop. I removed my glasses and my headache didn’t bother me anymore. When I reached home, I ate my dinner, rested for a while and I slept. I didn’t check my email or my social sites. I went straight to sleep.

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