Testing Twitblogs

Published January 11, 2009

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Almost all people use Twitter. Whether you are a student, a blogger, politician or a celebrity. Twitting, in general can be addictive since the world knows that you are doing, what you are watching, what you are playing, where you are going and many more if you wanna post it over Twitter.

For simple reiteration, Twitter is a micro-blogging website just like Plurk. Though some Twitter users (including me) has migrated from Twitter to Plurk due to it’s addictive interactive environment. In Plurk, you can comment on someone’s update or if he/she has shared something useful for us, the world to read or know.

But what in the world is Twitblogs?

Twitblogs is another website which micro-blogging and twitting are integrated as one. If the 140 character limit of Twitter is not enough, Twitblogs is there with an additional 120 characters in a form of a blog. I’m gonna try and see if Twitblogs can really edge normal twitting. In any case, I’m used on the 140 character limit since Plurk also has a 140 limit and you’ll have to continue it via the response page.

But anyway, if you would like to try Twitblogs then you can freely try, if you have an account on Twitter. If you do, then you’re automatically a member of Twitblogs.

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