Samahan elections

Published January 22, 2009

The world of the school, the future leaders of Ateneo de Davao University. The talk of the all the students.

“Sino iboboto mo? (To whom are you voting?)” “Vote for (insert candidate here)!“ ”Hmm, kinsa man jud? (Hmm, whom shall I vote?)“

That’s what I heard almost everyday when I enter the university. It’s the talk since the future leaders of the student government would be decided Feb. 2-6, 2009, which is the Samahan election proper.

Some of my classmates and friends asked me to whom should I vote for Samahan president and Humanities representative. Since, I belong to the Humanities Division because of my course AB-Mass Communications, 2 of my friends asked me to vote the both candidates.

My mind has been in constant brainstorm to whom my vote would go. Or I’m just taking it seriously. There is meeting de’ avance (if it’s the right spelling) Friday next week, Jan. 30, 2009 where all the candidates would speak about their own platform/program for the school.

I don’t know exactly who to vote on. A while ago, my classmate Mimi dragged me to meet Ria Lumapas, an Independent Party List member. We had a small talk because she is campaigning as Samahan President but I’m in a hurry because I’m just gonna go back to the table with my friend. Maybe we’ll meet again sometime to talk about her platform/program. Such a shame though, I had chocolate stains on my lips. Eeewww.

When went to the Humanities Division, I went to the lounge to find out Fifi and Gerbe resting. I checked the Com Lab, the Office and the Sound Studio. Nah, not in the mood to enter such offices. Kuya Bogs and Manong E are both in the Editing Bay to repair the video mixer. Fifi and Gerbe persuaded me to vote our Humanities representative. Yeah, I was determined to pick their pick..

Good luck for each division representative and good luck for the candidates.

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