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Published January 13, 2009

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iPhone device on a wooden desk

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I’ve read some technology blogs on the Internet and most of it are covered with iPhone. From apps to news, all are covered and I envy how people outside my country enjoyed iPhone while me, which has the resourcs doesn’t have one. I prefer to buy a Macbook than an iPhone. It’s not that highly prioritized yet but someday, another company might invent something that can outstand iPhone in so many areas but it would be in the way, way ahead in the future.

If I only had the money, I would certainly buy an iPhone. In my school, students slowly get to the groove of getting an iPhone. One of my classmate does have an iPhone that i witnessed earlier before I went to my History class. What’s so special about iPhone anyway?

This is not a rant or bashing post regarding to iPhone but since iPhone has been released here in the Philippines, slowly, people began switching to it.

I remembered the time when I tried the iPhone at Globe Telecom’s kiosk in Gaisano Mall. The only mistake that I made was not try iTouch. iPhone for me is more like an iTouch. The only difference is, iPhone can call or text while iTouch can’t.

The first time I tried the iPhone, I can’t control it much. I can’t get the feeling of how an iPhone works. Ignorant to be exact and come to think of it, I really get ignorant on how technology evolved that fast. I sometimes dreamt that I got an iPhone. But it was only a dream.

Someday, I might get that iPhone. Or, probably another brand that has the same capabilities of iPhone. We don’t know. Maybe in the future, companies might innovate new gadget that can outstand iPhone.

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