Firefox 3.2

Published January 24, 2009

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Ever since the release of Firefox 3.0.5, the Mozilla team are busy developing Firefox 3.1. So far, Firefox 3.1 is still under Beta 2. It would be a long way before Firefox 3.1 would be in Release Candidate, that is, it’s almost there. Almost to be released and verifying some bugs.

But, when I checked the nightly builds page, I saw Firefox 3.2 Pre-Alpha. Most Pre-Alpha release is not stable and may contain a bunch of bugs but what the heck.. At least I’ve got the latest.

But, I even wonder why Firefox 3.2 is out so early. I thought it would be out when Firefox 3.1 would be in Beta 3 or in Release Candidate. That does mean that Mozilla is speeding things up for Firefox 4?

We’ll never know.

Anyway, some people asked what’s the changelog of Firefox 3.2 but the page of Firefox 3.2 is not up yet.. So here’s what’s on Firefox 3.2.. It’s completely the same with Firefox 3.1.

I may get some updates with Firefox 3.2 sometime or I might check the nightly builds for the latest version.

Remember, Firefox 3.2 is AKA Minefield… Use it if you dare.

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