CEGP VP for Min gave us a press conference

Published January 20, 2009

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Is press conference the right word? Anyway, CEGP Vice President for Mindanao Mr. Leigh Dalugdog gave us a press conference regarding what CEGP is. He gave us the background of CEGP, his experiences as an Ateneo student and a writer for Atenews.

It was for our MC100 class that he gave us background of CEGP. For those who don’t know CEGP, CEGP stands for College Editors Guild of the Philippines. They promote student journalist to write for their school paper. I first encountered it in Atenews and I wonder what the hell it stands for.

Before the start of our MC100 class, we’ve set-up everything. The Tuesday group fetched the speaker downstairs. When the speaker arrived at the classroom, we had a small difficulty in which laptop to use. MacBooks are rampant in the classroom but we ended up using Justine’s laptop.

Mr. Leigh Dalugdog presented us the CEGP General Orientation. I listened attentively to what is the purpose of CEGP. I even wrote notes about his lecture. I really learned a lot from the lecture. One of it is the history of CEGP where 4 great schools then were competing for supremacy. It was a serious one so I can relate. I’ve been exposed to seminars, meetings, and workshops. Though it’s boring, I need to listen.

There’s a downside though and it’s my classmates. A light error on the speakers part and they would laugh especially when he accidentally tapped the projector to the left. It’s OK to laugh but it would be done at the right time. When the speaker tells a joke, obviously you laugh.

I see CEGP a success and more power to CEGP.

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