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Published October 1, 2008

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As you can see, we use internet browsers to surf the net. Whether checking your mail or looking for new videos at Youtube or surfing the (ahem) websites. Me? I’ve used 3 internet browsers. Namely Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari. 3 of the most widely used browsers today.

Internet Explorer 7

Microsoft’s “new” browser named IE7 or Internet Explorer 7 is the must upgrade for users using IE. It has the features of Anti-Phishing capabilities that checks whether your browsing a legitimate website or not. Advanced pop-up blocker, fixed bugs and flaws and many more. What I hate about this browser is this, slow startup speeds. I mean, after you’ve clicked IE7, it’ll open the browser and at the same time, looks for the particular plug-in or toolbar to load. A waste of time. Another things is it’s anti-phishing tool. It only like checks the website and displays a ! sign at the bottom. I never did test the anti-phishing tool of IE7 since I can’t find a fraudulent website. Or did I mention Myspace? Nah. What the heck.

Apple Safari

I wanted to try Apple’s new browser. Safari 3 on its beta stage. And i mean beta stage. That means, a lot of hiccups, a lot of bugs and a lot of lags. I promise to out do IE7 and Firefox in terms of speed and load time. I’m using Safari 3 Beta now and to what I’ve seen, it has a lot of hiccups. First of all, as I’m writing this blog or article, it is lagging. I mean it’s like loading something I didn’t know or notice. Next is, there is a possibility that this may report that the site is unavailble due to dropped connections, or server reset. But I keep on reloading the same page but it doesn’t seem to load. I’m forced to close the browser and enter the same site again. The bug reporting tool is somewhat native or not to comprehensive to me. I thought they would give a particular choice to report the bugs like on the load time of the browser or the website or the browser architecture maybe. I understand this is on its Beta stage so watch out for more fixes on the browser.

Mozilla Firefox

The most widely used browser due to its open source capabilties and you can customize it the way you want it. I like this browser for 2 reasons. (1)Stability and (2)Freedom. This browser is the best around and it’s the only browser that can fit on any Operating System (eg. Windows, Linux and Mac(??)). Plus there are more themes that you can apply on Firefox. Whether you want it dark or you want it clean or messy, it’s up to you. Plus it has a lot plug-ins like Adblocking, Mail Notifiers and many more.


I prefer Firefox. I switched to Firefox because I miss Firefox and the way I customize it. It’s up to you. Although Firefox has limitations on other sites, it still does the job. If you want IE7, then use it. If you’re on Mac, use Safari but if you want all-around, safe, stable and freedom, use Firefox.

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