WordCamp Davao

Published September 15, 2008

Originally published at: https://web.archive.org/web/20081119092930/http://jonathanvincent.info/wordcamp-davao

The mini-camp here in Davao was a success. I did attend it though it was raining but I don’t mind. I really liked the food, meet my fellow bloggers here in Davao. Especially those with higher PR or Page Rank. I also met the great Kevin Paquet and the main WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg. There is no proper program for this matter. Matt made a speech for us bloggers about how cool Davao is. How amazing it is to be in the Philippines. There were questions and answers though. Some were technical and I can’t remember some of them.

And oh.. I almost forgot, I met Sir Bloggie again. He emceed the event. For the top 20 early birds who went to the event will get a free bag. I was one of them and I did get my free bag. A sling bag that is.

Update: I posted this late because I was very busy. Due to some hectic schedules in school and we don’t have an Internet connection at home.

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