The semester is soon gonna end

Published September 29, 2008

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With Oct. 6-11 to spare, we Ateneans have a few weeks left to push our grades to the limit. Pressure on projects, pressure on assignments, and pressure on our major subject. 30 theories to be exact. Only a few weeks time and we’ll gonna say bye-bye to my classmates in my subjects this semester. Do I need to elaborate them all?

My History50 or Rizal where I have the best classmates there is. Most of us are irregular students and different courses. They are the best classmates I ever had. I really enjoyed my MWF schedule with them. During the first few weeks of the semester, I think I would be out of place but as the semester went on, I made a few friends. My seat mates asked me questions about the subject and I gladly answered them. The first few weeks of the semester, I did struggle a bit to cope up with my course/program but I adjusted too well. I made some enemies yet we’re back as being friends.

To my English23 subject where I suffered my draw backs, the pain, the pressure, and the camaraderie with my partner in making the research paper and the oral defense. To tell you honestly, I was emotional during our defense that my eyes broke in tears. I hate my paper do much. Anyway, such an amazing experience for me. It comes once in a while though.

To my PolSci211 where I always complain why the subject is too damn difficult. Or is it? Is it the teacher or the subject? I don’t know. I just don’t comprehend why I can’t get the subject right. But anyway, at least I can comment why the government is like this and like that. Criticisms on my teacher though. I hate how she teaches the subject. Some of my classmates gave up on her. 2 to be exact.

Above all this, it’s one good semester for me. I can’t forget what this current 1st semester of 2008-2009 school year brought me but I can charge it to my experience. Experiences should not be taken for granted because through it, you will/shall/can learn.

Animo Ateneo.

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