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Published August 29, 2008

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I’m having thoughts on moving from WordPress to Joomla. I see Joomla better than WordPress. But the problem is, I have to set everything up from the beginning to end but hey, it would be worked out. I just need to refurbish my blog because everything that I set up here is kinda… Bloggish. If you’re wondering what’s Joomla, Joomla is an Open Source Content Management System. Joomla is the successor of Mambo, just like WordPress as the successor of b2. I’ve first heard about Joomla through Jun my friend and a current member of DC Warez. He did a seminar about Joomla last DCE but sad to say, I didn’t listened to his speech and explanation of Joomla. He did use WordPress and Joomla in his blogs but I only have one domain name so, I’ll decide whether to use Joomla or not.

I did a demo of Joomla a while ago just to know the content and feeling of Joomla. There are some parts of Joomla where I still can’t get it. From banners to articles and as well as footers. Boy, talk about first time. I’ll read about Joomla more and maybe soon, I would decide whether I’ll use Joomla or not.

I’ve read about articles regarding Joomla and I find it very good and cool despite the hardships that they encounter. They also did a comparison about blog and content management. I think it’s a good thing to let content management handle your blogs because not only they handle it professionally but they do it cleanly. You can also see your other post and your recent post.

Like, so I reiterate that I would have to decide whether to use Joomla or not because I think it’s time to renew my blog site/website. After those months on WordPress, I have to shift. A new and humble beginning.

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