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Published August 31, 2008

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I’ve ask my friend Jun about Joomla and he told me if I want a pure blog, WordPress is enough but if I want a flexible, content-rich website, I should use Joomla. Anyway, I’ve been thinking whether to push through with Joomla or not. With so much time and thinking, I decided to push through with the beta test of Joomla. I’ve found a web host who serves 100Gb of Bandwidth, 350Mb Disk Space with MySQL, PHP and etc. for free. I’ve signed up and to my surprise, the site is up and running. By the way the web site it I’ve downloaded Joomla 1.5 and I’m uploading it right now via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). A few more files and I’ll be done. I’ll just assign their attributes and proceed with the next step (I hope nothing bad will happen). To my reference, I scanned the installation manual of Joomla via PDF and instructed me to follow each step for each component is important for Joomla. I know it’s very tedious compared to Fantastico Auto Install but at least, you won’t have problems later on.

I’ll be setting things up. Put the site on Maintenance Mode and begin working on.

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