Another feature from WordPress 2.6

Published August 2, 2008

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Have you remembered that I’ve upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.6? Now, guess what, here’s another update for you.

You use plug-ins right? Your blog won’t be this amazing if it wasn’t for those plug-ins, right? I have observed that you could delete those plug-ins you don’t use straight from WordPress. No need to go to CPanel X or Dreamhost’s panel nor use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to delete those plug-ins. WordPress can do it for you automatically. Here’s how:

You have those active plug-ins right? Then when you get bored, you’ll just deactivate it and log-in to your panel and delete it. I use that all the time. Now, on WordPress 2.6, after you’ve deactivated your plugin/s, there’s this recently activated plugin below those active plug-ins. Then there’s this tab called Delete. You can tick the check box on the recently deactivated plugin/s and delete it. This will take you to another page if you want to delete the selected plugin. You can opt with Yes or No. After you’ve selected yes, your plugin is gone. Yep, it’s not a joke. I’ve deleted some useless plugin and I’ve checked it via FTP and it’s truly gone.

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