Update July 21

Published July 21, 2008

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At least, I’ve made an update. How I miss blogging. It’s been a while since I’ve checked my email account and Google Reader and the mail are piling up. I have a lot to do and I’m damn busy. Anyway, before I rant everything from small to being complicated, I just want to say that I wasn’t accepted in the Atenews team. Maybe I’m not that “thick-faced” yet or I haven’t got the right WPA or I don’t know. Maybe, next year.. A lot of next time. Anyway, I’ve updated since the time that the Internet at home was cut off because I paid my tuition bills and my mother has been going out-of-town since. Hmmm. Where do I start… Wait… By the way, this would be very long… Haha.. Just kidding.. Longer but I don’t know how long.

Let me start with.. Wow! I got a 80+ grade on my Prelim examination on my History 50 or better known as Rizal. I’m better yet happy about it because first of all, I wasn’t serious on the exam and I was pretty sure that I can pass the exam. Then, I had my last prelim a while ago and it was Psychology 111 or General Psychology.

I had a great feeling or sense of being in the group when I transferred or shifted from IT to Mass Com. I mean, my mother has observed it too that I am happy with my current course. It has something to do with the people in it.

Anyway, I seen my long lost chat mate last week, twice, we’ve seen each other for the same day. Lol. Talk about love? No way… Haha. I’ve got my own standards and I can’t risk it. No, no… It’s not like, I’m “torpe” or what but it’s just, I focus on my study first.

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