Plugins on WordPress 2.6

Published July 18, 2008

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Here’s an interesting fact about the plugin tab on WordPress 2.6. Whenever a new update arises, the number of update/s would be seen. It’s like… The comment tab with how many awaiting comments do you have. This feature has been extended to the plugin tab so that you would know which of the plugins and how many plugins do you to upgrade.

Upgrading is essential. It’s the same with your antivirus program that you need to update it so that you can keep up with the threat. Not only upgrading essential but you may not know that some bugs would be fixed and some of it may have new features in it.

I remembered in an Internet cafe here in our place a long time ago that whenever their antivirus would update, they would cancel it because it uses too much memory and your computer usage would be affected. If you do it right now, your computer would be the breeding grounds of all the variants of viruses, worms, trojans and etc.

Please, don’t be too dumb not to update your plugins. If you do, GOOD LUCK..

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