Unforseen miracle

Published June 15, 2008

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Yesterday, I woke up early because I wanted to join my mom in her strategic plan at Little Lamb School House which is located at Garcia Heights, Davao City. It’s quite a small school actually since they started from 1994 up to now. It wasn’t my fault but indeed there was. It was in the afternoon where the whole employees, teachers, and board members of the school agreed to changed the vision of the school. By the way, the strategic planning was conducted because the school needs some help and assistance because they were concerned due to a high drop on the number of students 2-3 years ago. Anyway, as they tried to formulate the vision of the school which is very unusual due to the bullet form, mom showed them the vision of PBSP or Philippine Business for Social Progress. She told them that a vision is a small phrase where if elaborated, consists of a very long bullets and meanings. So, something went to my brain. I compared the vision of PBSP and the vision of the Little Lamb School House and I formulated the vision. They liked it and voted for it. I was shocked because at the end of the strategic plan, they credited me for it.

The Little Lamb School House

The Little Lamb School House is located at Garcia Heights, Davao City. A small land area which offers Kindergarten and Preparatory classes, as well as Grade 1-6. Each levels has 1 classroom. Well, it’s quite a good school since all the classrooms are air conditioned and the parents never worry about the sweat of their children. It started on 1994 and up to now, they are operational. They seek the help from my mom because their lawyer abandoned them and their is something wrong with their administration. Yesterday, they did performed the successful strategic planning with my mom and Mrs. Myrna Viado, her volunteer adviser. It was a harmonious strategic planning because the whole board, teachers, and employees participated and enjoyed the said meeting or seminar. In fact, they would conduct it every prayer meeting to discuss various matters and let them have an open forum.

In the other side of the story,

Avatar: The Last Air Bender

I watched Avatar: The Last Air Bender on ABC yesterday before we went to the Little Lamb School House and I enjoyed it. When I reached home, I watched Avatar through WatchAvatarTV.com. I’m still in Book 1 and I made a lot of progress. Maybe later tonight or tomorrow, I would be in Book 2. I tried to download the whole book but I vowed to download it when I have my iPod. I’ll try to buy when I can save a few money. I have a goal. And the goal is to upgrade my computer to the latest technology today. I need a lot of money and I’m not hesitant to save it.

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