Windows Vista

Published April 20, 2008

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I trashed my Windows XP a while ago. And I tell you, it wasn’t good. I tried to find a way like System Restore but I can’t seem to find the last update. I can’t go back the last month or forward it. The solution? Reformat. Lucky for me, I’ve found Windows Vista Ultimate Lite. What is this? This is Windows Vista but, lighter. It only includes the necessary files. The theme like Vista Glass and Windows Sidebar is here. I installed it and finished it under 15 minutes or so. There were a lot of restarts though but I didn’t mind. The overall installation was around 3 Gb.

When Windows Vista started for the first time, I was shocked because I can’t install the necessary drivers using the CD-ROM but when I tried to test them, there was a sound. Sorry but I’m kind of ignorant about Windows VIsta. I was used to install things using the included CD-ROM but Windows Vista installed it for me. I’m updating my Windows Vista right now and I don’t want to trash this anymore.

Windows Vista Ultimate Lite is different from the full Windows Vista Ultimate. But, I’m using this for the first time. The last time I saw a Windows Vista, it was way back when my classmate Dan and Danphril brought their laptops and it was in Windows Vista. But hey, I’ve got my own copy and I’ll do my best to study this and familiarize myself with Windows Vista.

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