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Published April 24, 2008

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I really missed programming. I’ve flunked my programming subject last 2 years ago because I really can’t understand what my professor is blabbering in front of us. Though some of us do understand or shall we say they do some “magic” up in there sleeves on how they passed the subject. I did have a lot of chances to pass that freaking subject. I could have taken it on Summer classes last year or when I came back 1st semester last year. A lot and I mean, a lot. I’m wondering why am I so stupid not to retake the subject. I would have sworn to retake (bangs on the keyboard), retake, retake, retake. And I just can’t do it. Why??? (Grabs hair until it’s gonna rip off). Why is this happening to me??

Anyway, enough of the drama. I did really regret not to retake the subject. It took me 2 years just to realize how important programming is. Ranging from websites to simple checks, programming takes it all. Now, I’ve just realized that whatver we do in life, we should take it seriously. I was thinking that I could be retained in the program but I didn’t. I have my own regrets. I’m quite lazy in another way. If I only could turn back time, I would have done it. Damn.

So, I’m back with programming. I’m gonna study C and I hope I could learn in anytime soon.

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