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Published March 23, 2008

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Are you tired of the normal server of Ragnarok? Do you want to have the freedom that they restricted? Do you want to have a greater HP and SP as well as stats? Then you should start playing HyoRO.

HyoRO is a free private server of Ragnarok. Although they encourage you to donate for server’s uptime, the best of it is free. HyoRO is divided into two different servers. Azure Flame and Azure Ice. The difference of the two is the experience rate. Azure flame is 150x/150x/100x, that would be Base level/job level/item drop rate. Azure Ice in the other hand is 50x/50x/50x. I’m registered under Azure flame with a Paladin leveled 200+ and Job level of 150+ for 2 days. I’m not bragging about it since I don’t where I would find the nicest items like wings, cards and weapons. I don’t have the knock on dungeons since my first try, I ended being the sucker plus the lag. But anyway, I’ll take my chances next time.

I recommend HyoRO since I like playing the game. A handful of players are on HyoRO. The maximum I checked was 104 I think. Friendly GM but I’m the quiet one. Lol. There are a lot of private servers out there. VanRO, Genocide RO and many more. There’s a review available at Hope that helps.

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