Fun fact: Why do roosters crow in the morning

Published March 6, 2008

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I opened this up with my cousin that whenever I go to sleep, our neighbor’s roosters crow in the morning. He told me that they are just feeling cold or something like that and I accepted that idea.

One day, the idea came back to me again and I refused to believe that roosters crow because they feel cold. I did some research and looked it up on Ask. I stumbled upon a guy named Twig Walkingstick.

According to his article:

Roosters don’t crow at dawn to be noisy or annoying. They’re protecting their turf!

Before chickens were domesticated, a rooster — that’s a male chicken — used to travel with a group of female chickens. The group claimed a particular area as theirs; they raised their families and hunted for food in this territory. The rooster took it upon himself to crow out to any passing birds that this is their spot.

Song birds do the same thing. It’s still pretty dim and cold at dawn, even though the sun is rising. Dim light means birds can’t find food very well. On top of that, insects — the preferred food of many birds — don’t come out in cold temperatures.

Birds don’t have much to do until the insects come out, so birds that wander use the time to find a spot for the day.

That’s where the singing comes in. Birds that already have a territory — including chickens — sing to send a message to both neighboring birds and passers-by that this is their territory.

So, the next time you hear a rooster crow or a song bird happily chirping in the early morning, you’ll know what they are really saying: Keep out!

That finally answered my question. My cousin’s opinion is invalidated thank to the article.

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