Remembering Counter-Strike days

Published February 11, 2008

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Everybody is familiar with Counter-Strike. The mod of the game Half-Life back in 1998 and became a stand-alone program. As a gamer, I always reminisce the days when I get frag and I frag someone. Every frag counts as 1. I usually try my best to rank number 1 or be on top of the rankings. My classmates and I usually play at Anchies like forever. Wasting our money just to play Counter-Strike. But now, it feels like I don’t play that game anymore. I kinda miss it. Those fast action paced games, those regret moments. It feels like… I don’t know. But anyway, if I can download Counter-Strike Source then it would be a great opportunity for me to practice again. I hope I can get or achieve the best ranking score since I want it to be the best. But first. before that, I need to configure my PC to run the game. I don’t want to suffer any lags. But if I can manage it, then I can practice.

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