Is electricity getting expensive?

Published February 9, 2008

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I can’t imagine electricity here in the Philippines is expensive. I mean, we have all mother nature’s grace to provide us with electricity. But why is it getting higher? This is my concern since I’m still in school and my mother’s working alone because my father died. But why is it getting higher every year? I mean, is it really corruption that drives all products to rise it’s cost? The next thing Filip

Philippines is known as a corrupt country. I’m not denying it. Even in our school, corruption exist. But why even the most important thing can be very expensive? I remembered the last time when we had the highest electric bill, that was P2,000. Then recently, November 2007, the highest was P3,000. That alarmed me since I always use computer. Then I analyzed the problem–my cousin is the culprit behind it. Why? He turns on the TV during the night then he “accidentally” slept while the TV is on. And me, I’m the one who is awake since I surf the Internet until 12 or 1 AM. My mom blamed the computer for that. I defended my computer since it only takes 300 watts of power. I limit my use of computer by twice a day. But I wasn’t satisfied. It was definitely my cousin who made the electric bill high. His negligence, his ignorance.

Anyway, I’m concerned why the electricity so high but the economy is getting good. The government don’t see the good side of the country and they only think of themselves. Why do they do that? Is money that important? Money is only used to buy necessities not luxury. You have a house and you want to buy another one? What the heck? I’m satisfied with only a single house. Renovate it and upgrade it. But why own a lot of house? The government should do something about this. Do not corrupt for Christ’s sake. Look at the bright side of the country. The economy is good and you manage to practice “crab mentality”? Come on. You can do better than that. If we work as one, we can change the way it should be.

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