The Windows to Linux shift

Published August 17, 2007

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I’ve been using Windows since Grade School and up to now, I still use it. You’re thinking why I’m shifting from Windows to Linux it’s because Windows is getting lame. I mean, I’m used to it. From Windows 98 to Windows XP to my encounter with Windows Vista. I don’t give a damn about what kind of Windows you have. It’s just an operating system. Without an operating system, you can’t run games, make documents (unless there still exist a word processor that runs on MS-DOS), watch movies and etc.

I don’t need to buy a new operating system because it’s too costly. A regular and stable CD of Windows Vista costs I think like P20,000. That’s too damn expensive. I only update my Windows XP because updating is the key to a secure PC. I first encountered Linux when I was in high school. SMAD established an e-lib or electronic library system. That means we have the option to choose if we go manual or we go online.

The operating system of our e-lib is Linux SuSe. It’s a bit different from Windows. Since that, I have no intentions on switching since Linux is too hard to modify.

The next is right now in college. The encounter with Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a free-open source project of Linux. Since SuSe uses KDE GUI, Ubuntu uses GNOME GUI. What makes Ubuntu powerful? It’s free. It’s open and it’s user friendly not mention it’s woobly effects.

After that encounter, I researched about Ubuntu using the trusted search engine, Google. I found out that there are Ubuntu users here in the Philippines. I was amazed because almost all people here use Windows but since I’ve found my “comrades”, it has driven me the passion to switch Windows to Linux.

I own Ubuntu and Freespire operating system. I’m downloading Kubuntu right now. Kubuntu is the same with Ubuntu but uses KDE, the GUI of SuSe. My friend Vikram from outside uses Linux for years and recommended Kubuntu for me. I’m helping him out on finding the URL of Linux MCE. Linux MCE is the same with Windows Media Center but it’s an add-on to Kubuntu. Linux MCE is not complicated compared to Windows Media Center. Linux MCE only use 2 buttons on it’s remote control but Windows Media Center uses 30 buttons.If I own a laptop right now, I’ll install Kubuntu on it or Ubuntu.

I’m a member of PLUG or Philippines Linux Users’ Group, Hardware and Software on Friendster. If you are a Friendster user and you have some troubleshooting and need some advice, you can direct it to Hardware and Software group and maybe I can drop some advice on that or if not me, the tech-guys would.

I’m still in college but the passion to use it is firing me up. It has given me the challenge that I wanted. The power to unleash Ubuntu or Kubuntu within my hands. Someday, I’ll unleash it. Someday. I’m too excited to wait.I would like to extend my thanks to Vikram for giving me the support on my decision to use Linux than Windows. Thanks man and by the way I have the URL of the Linux MCE. Thanks again.

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