Giving one's opinion in 2020

Posted on May 12, 2020 with 646 words.

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Everybody loves expressing their opinion. With the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, social media is bombarded with different opinions on different issues. While some companies are hesitant to know how to improve their products and/or services, there are those who are willing to pay individuals for their time and ask on how to improve their products and/or services.

In semantics, if someone talks, there is someone who will listen and the listener will provide feedback to the speaker.

What I am talking about? Paid surveys. Through this, there are companies who are willing to pay you in answering different surveys. It ranges from the things you own to your opinion about different gadgets.

This can also be a good side hustle but I wouldn’t recommend this as your main source of income because it’s not everyday you get surveys to answer. There are also surveys that you might not get qualified to answer on.

I’m going to share a few survey sites that I’ve tried. This is not a scam. Two of the companies that I’ve signed up and are mentioned here have paid me. It is also not wise to sign-up on one survey site. In my case, I’ve signed-up to around 8-10 sites. They will send you emails though if there are opportunities to answer on.

Please note that some of the links provided may contain a referral code which would greatly help me. Thank you!

Rakuten Insight Surveys - I’m not really sure if they are affiliated with the other Rakuten company in Japan is sponsoring the Golden State Warriors. They reward you with points after completing the survey and it reflects instantly on your dashboard. What is great about this company is you will still get points even if you don’t qualify for the survey.

Pay method: PayPal, gift certificates

Surveyon - Surveyon also rewards you with points upon survey completion. Their QuickPoll has double points event on certain days which can be a great way to accumulate points.

Pay method: PayPal

Toluna Influencers - I have received a lot of survey opportunities from this website. You get matched to opportunities as long as it fits you. If you don’t qualify for the survey, you will be included in their sweepstakes. I haven’t won from their sweepstakes, though. They also reward you with points after each survey completion. You can also covert your points to help charities or earn AirAsia BIG points.

Pay method: Paypal, eGift card, phone load

I have also signed up to a couple of sites that have yet to provide me a survey to answer on or they’ve already sent me an invitation to a survey but it doesn’t work.

ClearVoice Survey - To be honest, I have not received a single survey invitation from this site although I have completed all the needed profile survey so that I get matched on an opportunity. I have tried logging in to the website a month ago and they told me that my profile is suspended. I don’t know why.

Pay method: Unknown

Survey Time - I am not sure if this is a troll website but their profiling doesn’t make sense. They promise to reward you $1 for every completed survey but every time they send me an opportunity, it redirects me to a blank site. There is also no option for you to remove your account from their system.

Pay method: Unknown

These are all the services I’ve tried so far. Some of them are generous in rewarding you points. As I’ve said, I would not recommend this as your primary source of income. There are also websites that have reviewed these services as well and it’s worth checking out too as they have offered detailed explanation of each company.

I’ve also noted that some of the companies mentioned pay you via PayPal. I will write a follow-up blog that.

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