I'm Vince from Davao City, Philippines.

My recent work experience was in Cebu City, Philippines where I work as a Graphic Designer / Customer Support Agent for a card company based in San Francisco, USA. The main job was to determine and fix the mistake in a customer's order.

I returned home January 2020 before the pandemic started. While at home and staying safe, I learned Go and Javascript. The site's main framework is Hugo. Previously, I chose to have a Hugo + Webpack set-up with Webpack handling most of the assets (CSS and Javascript). When I migrated to Linux before the end of 2020, I dropped Webpack. Hugo Pipes is handling the site's CSS assets. No more Javascript.

I've also learned Python as well while staying at home and made a few random Python programs.

You can follow my social at Instagram, LinkedIn, and Telegram.

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This site contains easter eggs.