Just updated to WordPress 2.6

Published July 9, 2020

Originally published at: https://web.archive.org/web/20080907224122/http://jonathanvincent.info/fresh-wordpress

Wow. Time does really fly very fast. I mean, WordPress 2.6 is supposed to be released on August but it’s been early. How fascinating is that. Anyway, I was really expecting for WordPress 2.6 to be released because I’ve heard that it does have a lot of new features like word count, highlight of plugin update, preview of your themes before you share it to the public, wiki-type of editing your post and many more.

I’ve just upgraded my WordPress blog to WordPress 2.6 and I was really fascinated by it’s features. There’s this Turbo link on my upper-right corner of my dashboard and I’m afraid to click it. Anyway, this is a fresh release of WordPress 2.6 and like other programs or platforms, this would have a lot of bugs. Like in my word count where it has a hard time keeping up with me. I was really fascinated by the new WordPress and more certainly, a lot of bloggers would upgrade to WordPress 2.6

Congratulations WordPress and I have to explore my “new blog”

Happy blogging to all.

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