Office 2010? Not quite there yet...

Published March 26, 2010

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I’ve been using Office 2010 now and I must say, it is really in beta. BETA… My Outlook gone berserk when I tried to delete some of my mails or, read some.. Crap. I tried importing some of my contacts from a vcf file and only 1 contact got in. I’m reverting back to Office 2007. I know and encountered how beta programs crash, lag, or not respond because of experimental source codes or whatsoever. I tend to be patient and look for updates for the beta programs but sadly, this Office doesn’t have one.

I tend to praise Office 2010 but, it’s not the right time to acquire the program. Though if you want to use Office 2010 for word processing and calculations, feel free to use it. But if you want the stability of the program, wait for the official release. 😄

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