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Published August 9, 2009

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WordPress is an open source blogging software developed by Automattic. Matt Mullenweg, the owner of Automattic came to the Philippines last year to conduct a WordCamp in Manila and a mini camp here in my place, Davao City

Why do I use WordPress? WordPress unlike other blogs has this “very unique” feature which is without on other blogging softwares. I’m not saying that those others that I mention are not good or they suck but WordPress for me is my home. I’ve been blogging with WordPress for 1 year and couting and I still love it.

There is a distinction between WordPress.com and WordPress.org softwares. Mine is under WordPress.org or the self hosted WordPress software. WordPress.com in the other hand, you have to play with WordPress’s rules and regulation which includes no javascript and no overloading of their servers.

I started using WordPress last year. February to be exact. I started with WordPress.com like anybody else. Got a host and a domain and moved on WordPress.org.

I had issues with WordPress the first time I used it. I can’t adopt to the features, I don’t know how to blog, etc, etc. The usual encouters when you first used the software. As time went by, I got used to WordPress.

Actually Matt Mullenweg gave the most impact on my WordPress usage. I mean, hey, the guy spoke to the mini-camp. Me and fellow bloggers asked him about the next versions of WordPress or his opinon about other blogging software. Next would be my friends who used WordPress. Kudos to Ragingmon and Vicentg7 for inspiring me to blog.

I usually get my themes on WordPress.org too. They are free and they are open sourced. I could edit their codes in case the theme is not working well or whatsoever. It would be a pain to me if I don’t design my own theme for my blog site but that’s how reality goes. God didn’t gave me the ability to code PHP and CSS as well as Javascript.

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