Boys Night Out

Published January 11, 2009

Ever heard of Boys Night Out? The Magic 89.9 program every Monday to Thursday, 6-10pm? If you’re living in Manila, I bet you knew this guys already. While me, living in the province get the heck of listening to Killer Bee 89.1 for some hour or 2 of broadcasting from Magic 89.9 then they would resume regular programming. Boys Night Out is composed of Tony Toni, Slick Rick, and Sam Y.G. I’m expected to listen to Boys Night Out last week Monday. But then, I forgot (Sayang, pang bwena mano sana pagpasok ng 2009). It was Tuesday when I listened to Boys Night Out. I was going home at that time when I listened.

Here’s the routine before going to school: Before I go to school, I always listen to Good Times with Mo usually at 6:45am or at 7am. That would be during Tuesdays and Thursdays. 8am during Mondays amd Wednesdays. When I arrive on my classroom, I immediately turn it off and turn it back on during my break. Killer Bee 89.1 don’t have a good program during the day. Selected days only when there’s R&B. Sometimes, I change the station just to check for good music. I usually got stuck on Mix FM 105.9 and BT 99.5.

Well, let’s get back to topic. The time was 5:40, Killer Bee is on. Tuesday, 6pm was the start and I listened to Boys Night Out and after that, I got addicted entertained. It’s the Manila version of the K.O. Show of Rod and Atty. T. Wednesday and Thursday, I’ve been streaming to Magic 89.9. I tried last Friday but I forgot that their program is until Thursday.

If Boys Night Out would not be suspended, then I will continue to listen. Such a hilarous program of Magic 89.9.

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