A must do before blogging

Published October 9, 2008

Originally published at: https://web.archive.org/web/20090106182450/http://jonathanvincent.info/a-must-do-before-blogging

Do you experience the sudden rush of thoughts when you’re not in front of the computer? Do you want to keep your blog updated at all time even though you can’t write for 2 days? You could try these ways I just recently discovered:

  1. Write it in paper, or more conveniently, an old notebook - I did this method just recently when I suffered an Internet loss for 1 month. I just can’t cope up with the demands and notification that I receive everyday. So, to prevent the loss of ideas, try to write what you want to blog then type it when you’re in front of the computer. In this manner, you won’t waste the idea that just popped out. It’s not necessary that what you’ve written would be perfect. Just write what’s in you head and you can edit it when you’re typing it in the computer.

  2. You can schedule a blog post - isn’t it annoying to see that most of the post a person makes in his/her blog site came on the same date like twice or thrice? What’s the hurry? You can schedule a post if you want. It’s a built-in feature for WordPress. You can blog like 7 times then for each post that you publish, edit the date when it’s gonna be published. In the other hand, if you’re updating like twice or thrice a day, just do the same. Schedule it.

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