I miss Photoshop

Published June 26, 2008

I miss Adobe Photoshop CS3. I am downloading it again right now because I desperately need Photoshop. I have tons and tons of images to edit on and I have no idea why I let my friend borrow my Adobe Photoshop CS3 installer. It’s like I miss the brushes. I miss the unforeseen art and what’s more. I miss it all. Though I know where to look for brushes but I really, really miss Adobe Photoshop CS3. It been a month since I returned back to Windows XP. All my documents were gone. It’s like damn. All I can do now is to look at all my Photo stream at my Flickr page and my profile at DeviantArt.

A while ago, I took the Atenews exam and was interviewed. Honestly, I was nervous. The worst is, I was scared. It was my first time that I experienced a thorough interview. I did a lot of interview. Interview with a doctor, with an ophthalmologist, our coordinator, my registration in Ateneo and many more but that one is so unique. It’s like I’m gonna die or what but anyway. I answered all the questions which I think I did fairly enough. I’ll just wait for the verdict. I hope I can join the Atenews team. Covering, writing for the school’s paper. Damn.. What a dream of mine. I haven’t lost my passion for computer. I’m a computer-enthusiast at heart and I can’t simply let it go. Too hard for me. Art, photography and computers are the basic principles that compose within me. Not bragging though but in that 3 fields, my life would be complete.

Today is Saturday and basically, all people are out somewhere partying. Me, I don’t party. I always stay at home and type, work, talk and surf the Internet. I was a party animal before but I’m a home-boy right now. Kind of graduated from those past vices of mine.

I miss those reviews. The reviews that I usually do, posting topics, adding words to my word bank and many more. But above all, I like my blog though I can’t update that much because I have attend what the school needs than what my blog needs. I’m not neglecting it but school is a top priority.

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