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Published April 18, 2008

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Reality TV shows. This are shows of real time. The show that never contained any scripts. The show where your fate can be tested. Reality TV shows here in the Philippines are both local and international. For local, we have Pinoy Big Brother where in the international side, we have Amazing Race, Fear Factor, Desperate Houswives, and etc. My favorite would be Pinoy Big Brother and Amazing Race.

Pinoy Big Brother

Some people took Pinoy Big Brother a nonsense show. But for me, the drama, the crying, the emotions inside the Big Brother house are true. That show is not a joke. Although what they did inside the house would reflect on how they would leave the house (the controversy, the conflicts, and etc.) but most of all, the opportunity to shape your life as a true Filipino.

Amazing Race

My next favorite show would be the Amazing Race. Amazing Race is a worldwide reality TV show where teams from different country compete to claim the grand prize. I wished I could enter that show because the chance to travel from place to place or from one country to another. In that show, your endurance, patience, intelligence can be tested. How well can you adopt to the locals in the country or how you accomplish a certain task.

These 2 are my favorite reality TV show because for me, they are the best. Mind if I ask what’s yours?

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