Published April 18, 2008

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I’ve signed up for PayPerPost last year and at last, I’ve been approved. What is PayPerPost? PayPerPost is a famous paid to blog site or a blog advertising company. Depending on the opportunity, you are paid with what the opportunity’s price would be. No more waiting for notifications, no more hassles. I have signed up for PayPerPost because it’s the first paid to blog site that I’ve found through Google. My friend Vince told me that you can get paid through blogging. So I searched Google about paid to blog site. First I stumbled on was PayPerPost. I tried to register my blog but I got a lot of errors. So, I never used my account in PayPerPost yet. Last 3 days, SocialSpark became available because I got a notification mail that SocialSpark is in need of bloggers. So, I signed up. I was required to submit my blog. Luckily, my blog was approved. Last night, I tried to submit my blog to PayPerPost and tried my luck that I would be accepted. A while ago, I checked my mail and I was accepted.

I still have no friends in PayPerPost because I’m still a newbie. Or, I never tried to make friends. This is unique for PayPerPost. The ability to socialize with other bloggers. Maybe right now, I will try to socialize and gain friends here on PayPerPost.

About the money I earn, I will do it to pay my hosting. I do have plans to buy books online. I read when I don’t have nothing to do here at home. I also have a plan to buy clothes, shoes, accessories online but it would be optional. I don’t like to have stuffs on my closet and I try to limit it. But overall, The money would go to the hosing services.

I have learned in PayPerPost is the ability to write more in a blog. Sometimes I don’t write a lot in my blog. I try to limit the contents on my blog because solely just to have an update. But with PayPerPost, I’m obliged to write more content on my blog.

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