National Library Week

Published April 17, 2008

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What does National Library Week mean to you?

National Library Week means to me that people young and old must spend their time reading books. With a vast use of Internet nowadays, books are left aside because some people thought books are old fashioned. But for me? Books can never be old fashioned. Nothing beats the power of hard cover.

I remembered when I was young. I constantly borrow books in our school library. Although I read it but never finished it, I keep on borrowing. Every month, they post on their bulletin board, students who borrow books. I was excited when I landed top 1. That encourages be to borrow more books. As I grew older, I degrade my rank in borrowing books. I got tired because I have my friends who I play every afternoon. When I reached high school, I seldom borrow books. Right now, I got the urge to reads books again because of J. D. Robb, the author of Reunion In Death. My mom got her book through a friend. I read the book from first page down to the last. I did enjoy it because of the intense action and romance between Dallas and her husband Roarke. When I finished it, I looked for more. I dug through my high school books, past books and my friend’s short story.

The bottom line is, we should participate in the National Library Week. We can participate by reading books. Read books at least once a day. If we have a National Library Week here in the Philippines, I would like and gladly participate in the event because reading is achieving.

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