Enjoying Google Reader

Published April 26, 2008

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Google Reader in Beta

Right now, I’m enjoying Google Reader because Google Reader can encourage me to read, read, and read. Not only I can read but I can beat my previous reading trend. Google Reader has a trend. It will serve as your statistics whether you are reading in a nice way, or your limping when you read. Just kidding. It will serve as your statistic whether you read on a daily basis or read when you have time. But reading trend for me is like a rank. To top my reading trend, I would subscribe to a lot of blogs out there. When I find something interesting, I share it to the world. I do have a snippet in my blog so that when I want to share something, they can view it through the snippet.

If you want the world to know what you are reading, you can do it through Google Reader. Google Reader is a RSS reader. So, obviously, Google Reader depends on RSS feeds. The same with Gmail, Google Reader updates itself when a new feed comes.

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